Spektrix Conference 2019

Who is it for?

The Spektrix Conference is for Arts leaders, influencers, and movers and shakers. 

It’s not all Spektrix – it’s about strategy

Unlike our workshops (which are focused on practical ways to use the Spektrix system every day) the conference is about strategy and changing the the sector for the better. You’ll hear from leaders in their fields who will share innovative approaches to fundraising and explore how data, analytics and CRM can let you see the bigger picture about your organisation’s direction.

Share knowledge with other arts folk

We all face unique challenges that set us apart from those outside the arts sector. While we can learn from outside the sector, sharing our challenges as well as our successes with people in the same boat is invaluable. The Spektrix Conference is a rare opportunity to meet other arts professionals from right across the UK, so there will be extra time for networking at this year’s conference.

Break down Silos in your organisation

Silos can cause some of the biggest issues in arts organisations. Attending the conference with other departments from your organisation is a great way to help break down those silos. It’s an opportunity to hear stories from across the sector and to understand the challenges you and your team might face, helping you to make valuable connections between departments.