Spektrix Conference 2019

The Power of Collaboration: You are not alone

The Power of Collaboration: You are not alone

12pm - 1pm

There is something unique about the arts community. We are more willing than many other industries to share ideas to help each other. In this session we’ll hear from some of our peers who have collaborated to power change; whether that's because they share a similar business model or a similar postcode. What can be achieved when you work collaboratively towards a shared vision?

We'll hear about how Wiltshire Creative harnessed the power of merging three local organisations to build resilience and efficiency and to better serve the local community. Future Arts Centres will talk about their experiences as they share learnings around leadership and collaboration. Christopher Burns from Wellcome Collection will then take us through his experience of collaborating with Tate to create opportunities for their teams to work together and learn across the two organisations.

Key takeaways

  • Making the case collaboratively is stronger than making it individually.

  • How sharing ideas and resources can empower you to make change and lobby convincingly.

  • The power of having the confidence to identify potential efficiencies and ways of working and making your voice heard.