Spektrix Conference 2019

The Arts and the Deal - Negotiating for the Future

The Arts and the Deal - Negotiating for the Future

12pm - 1pm

Working with third parties is a key part of many arts organisations’ business models, whether that be corporate sponsors, touring producers or ticket agencies. Ticket agencies bring brand recognition, inbuilt marketing and pre-existing databases, all helping you to increase your sales and customer base. However, are you missing out on valuable marketing data, and losing potential revenue due to hefty commission rates? Similarly, for Receiving and Presenting venues, the deals struck with third party producers are vital - how do you ensure that you are leveraging your offering to get the best value from your contracts, and creating worthwhile, long-term relationships? In the charitable sector, how can you ensure that your corporate partnerships benefit your customers while also serving the needs of your partners? This session aims to look at striking the right balance to guarantee long-term growth and mutually beneficial agreements with third parties. 

Key Takeaways

  • Think Long Term; nurture relationships to bolster your strategic goals

  • Recognise your USPs - what extra value does your organisation bring to the relationship? What gaps are there that third parties can help fill?

  • Know what data is important to help make your case and get the best deals for both you and the producers