Spektrix Conference 2019

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Domenico Musto

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Domenico Musto

With an obsession for clean code, Dom brings over 10 years of technical lead experience to our Engineering team and helps us develop a robust and scalable ticketing system built on modern infrastructure and technologies. Domenico is passionate about software architecture and a strong advocate of distributed systems, ReST, event-driven architecture, messaging, automation testing and continuous delivery. His main areas of expertise are C#, .NET, OO, TDD, BDD, ATDD, DDD, CQRS, Agile Engineering Practices, and at Spektrix he enjoys working with our diverse team of engineers to build a great product which helps so many arts organisations.  

Outside Spektrix, you can find Domenico giving tech talks at conferences or backpacking around the world.

Favourite type of theatre... He could watch Neapolitan theatre for hours just as if he was listening to music