Spektrix Conference 2019

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Spektrix Conference Schedule


10.00am - 10.30am

Conference welcome

10.30am - 11am
Alice Young - Managing Director, Spektrix

opening keynote

11am - 11.45am
Clare Connor - Chief Executive and Interim Principal, The Place

Bookable Breakout Sessions: 12pm - 1pm

1. Using Data to Influence People and Advocate for Change

In this session Exeter Phoenix and Bradford Theatres will share real world examples of using data to get organisational buy in and make change. We’ll look at where to start and what questions to ask, as well as how to put a compelling case together that engages colleagues at all levels.

2. The Power of Collaboration: You are not alone

In this session we'll hear about how Wiltshire Creative harnessed the power of merging three local organisations to build resilience and efficiency and to better serve the local community. Future Arts Centres will also talk about their experiences as they share learnings around leadership and collaboration.

3. The Arts and the Deal - Negotiating for the Future

Whether they're ticket agencies, touring producers or corporate sponsors, striking the right deals with third parties is vital for arts organisations. In this session we'll hear from Cambridge Live and Qdos Entertainment about negotiating for long-term success. 

4. Consumer Psychology Workshop - The Price is Right

Using practical case studies and examples from arts organisations around the world – and some fun interactive ‘games’ - Debbie Richards will explore how using insights from the field of behavioural economics can help you sell more tickets, solicit bigger donations and make more money.

5. Clare connor in conversation - Q&a Session

Following on from her opening keynote, Clare Connor, Chief Executive and Interim Principal at The Place will hold a Q&A session about leading change.

Lunch Break

1pm - 2pm

Grab yourself a bite to eat and head over to our lunchtime roundtables hosted by the Spektrix support team. There are a series of topics to get the cogs turning -  these include: 

  • The Future of the Box Office

The Spektrix support team is always interested in the ways venues are changing. During this roundtable we will discuss how the Box Office is developing as more customers buy online. We’ll also explore what our clients are doing to encourage their customers to engage with the Box Office and provide the best possible service.

  • Sharing great ideas across the business

How do you make sure that everyone's voice is heard in your organisation? Join us for a discussion on how to make sure great ideas are not lost and how encouraging input from employees right across the business can contribute to your organisation's overall goals and success. 

  • Access all areas

Hosted by our support professionals, this roundtable will discuss common challenges and solutions around making venues and performances accessible. What key things are venues and organisations doing to make sure they are accessible both online, in the box office and in and around the building?

  • Acting as an agent

Do you sell on behalf of other venues, or are you interested in doing so? What are the potential challenges and advantages of offering this type of service? Join our Support Experts to discuss how to this can be a great asset to your business.

There will also be an informal discussion taking place in the Corson Room at the same time….

  • Discussion - Data Visualisation

Sam Freeman, Director Of Marketing & Communication at Theatr Clwyd, will be sharing his findings on visualisation of box office data using Tableau in exchange for opinions, thoughts and general feedback. Pop along for a very informal but very insightful chat.

Afternoon Welcome

2pm - 2.45pm

Afternoon Welcome and Spektrix Q&A - Michael Nabarro, CEO and Co-Founder at Spektrix, joined by the leadership team

Bookable Breakout Sessions: 3pm - 4pm

6. More than a website - Digital journeys panel

Hosted by Pauline Fallowell from London Theatre Company/The Bridge, this panel will feature some of the sector's most innovative digital and design agencies sharing real world examples of the industry leading websites they have created. 

7. Consumer Psychology Workshop - The Price is Right

Using practical case studies and examples from arts organisations around the world – and some fun interactive ‘games’ - Debbie Richards will explore how using insights from the field of behavioural economics can help you sell more tickets, solicit bigger donations and make more money.

8. A Revenue Revolution and a Culture Change

Co-presenting with Christina Hill of TRG Arts, Claire Connor will talk about how and why they made changes to pricing strategy and the other revenue generating areas fundamental to their journey, including memberships and fundraising. She will discuss long term sustainability and the customer relationships central to achieving this, as well as how this is reflected in their leadership approach and organisational culture.

9. Aiming for success - The value of outcome-driven change

Through stories in product development and beyond, Ludivine and Freddie from Spektrix will explain how focusing change on desired outcomes can help you find the right path to success.

10. Workforce Change Management - Diversity, Resilience, Efficiency

This two-part session will feature Cath Hume, CEO of the Arts Marketing Association and Amy Fawdington and Jo Blackett of Northern Stage talking about two key areas of workplace change management - diversity and team optimisation.

Bookable Breakout Sessions: 4.15pm - 4.45pm

11. Behind the Tech: The Evolution of the Spektrix Infrastructure

In this session we’ll talk about how Spektrix is currently delivered and how our plans for the next 12 months focus on achieving faster functional delivery, as well as even greater platform stability, security and performance.

12. How Agile Ideas Can Help You Lead Your Team

Using tools such as planning, gathering feedback, team dynamics and communication and prioritisation, this session will look at how to work in small, cross-functional teams, review progress and drive projects to completion. It's particularly relevant for anyone working on short term (two week to three month) projects or people wanting to break complex long term strategies into smaller chunks.

13. Customer Moments - This Time it’s Personal

Surprise and delight. The wow factor. Customer moments. These highly targeted and personalised acknowledgements have the power to strengthen relationships, foster loyalty and drive revenue. And Activity Stream's Martin Gammeltoft believes they could be the biggest opportunity in live entertainment today. In this session he’ll provide some perspective on how to set them up and embed them into your operations. Sarah Holmes from New Wolsey Theatre will also describe how her organisation embraced this approach to customer relationships. She will share some of the results so far and the impact it has had on the theatre.

14. Theatre is not a fridge: reflections on 'product-ing' theatre in arts marketing practice

This energising, thought-provoking session will challenge how theatre is ‘packaged’ in dominant marketing and communications practice in the arts sector. Arts marketer, audience researcher and academic Emma McDowell will explore the tendency for theatre and performance to be treated like white goods from a marketing, sales and fundraising perspective, and what this means for audiences.

15. Fundraisers’ Roundtable

Liv Nilssen, Sector Strategy Lead at Spektrix, will host a roundtable to discuss hot topics for fundraisers in the arts and cultural sector. 


16. One Spektrix, Multiple Sites Roundtable

Samuel Biscoe, Box Office Manager at Nuffield Southampton Theatres will host a roundtable specifically curated for organisations who have one Spektrix powering multiple physical sites, with a focus on collaboration and communication as a starting point for success.


  • Samuel Biscoe, Box Office Manager at Nuffield Southampton Theatres

17. Scottish Organisations' Roundtable

Vic Murray, Head of Communications at the Traverse Theatre, will host a roundtable specifically curated for Scottish organisations using Spektrix to discuss ways of working together to share data insight, develop audiences, and achieve shared aims and objectives across the country.


Closing keynote

5pm - 5.30pm
Phil Batty - Hull UK City of Culture

Networking drinks

5.35pm - 7.30pm