Spektrix Conference 2019


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Below, you’ll find our complete schedule with information about speakers and sessions. If you’ve confirmed your place for the Spektrix conference, look out for an email from us inviting you to sign up for the conference sessions you’d like to attend during the day.

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On the afternoon before the conference we’re providing a range of social events and an Open House at the Spektrix London Headquarters.

These events have limited capacity and pre-booking is required. Delegates who expressed an interest in these sessions have been invited to sign up via email.


Conference registration AND WELCOME

9:00 - 10:00 AM: You’ll be met by the Spektrix team who’ll check you in and help you find your way around the venue.

10:00 - 10:15 AM: Alice Young - Managing Director, Spektrix - Conference welcome.

Opening keynotes.png

opening keynotes

10:15 - 11:00 AM

We open the day with a series of short, sharp and inspiring stories from arts leaders about how they are building and deepening resilience within their organisations. Liam Evans-Ford (Theatr Clwyd), Brenna Hobson (National Theatre of Scotland) and Millicent Jones (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) will share their thinking and learnings around the conference themes of Healthy Workplace, Cultivating Relationships and The Bottom Line and leave you enthused and ready to embrace the day.



Building Exceptional Teams and a Strong Organisational Culture

How do we engage our teams to develop a positive, collaborative and empowered staff culture? From recruitment, to induction and through to ongoing training and development, Sheffield Theatres offer insight into the power of investing in your teams and enhancing your company culture.

Part of the ‘Healthy Workplace’ strand


STRATEGIC SPEKTRIX: How becoming more accessible can be core to your wider organisational aims

In this session we’ll explore how prioritising accessibility in your organisation can help you reach new audiences, improve working conditions for your staff and bring benefits to your wider audience base, and how you can use Spektrix to help.

Part of the ‘Leveraging Technology’ strand

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The Next Generation of Donors

An expert panel will discuss donor psychology, the perspective and experience of a young arts philanthropist and how cultural organisations can turn today’s young ticket-buyers into tomorrow’s most valuable supporters.

Part of the ‘Cultivating Relationships’ strand

Customer Journey.jpg

DAta: not drowning but waving

In a data-rich age it’s easy to get overwhelmed by masses of available figures and reports. In this sea of data, are you focusing on the metrics that really count, or being distracted by measures that aren’t crucial to examining and monitoring your organisation’s financial stability and the loyalty of your patrons?

Part of the ‘Cultivating Relationships’ strand


Cultural organisations need to deepen the relationships they have with their audiences; from a purely commercial perspective it is much cheaper to get someone who is already a customer to come back, yet the Spektrix Insights report shows that many organisations are not quite succeeding with this. This session will look at how you to map your customer journeys and how thoughtful customisation of aspects of your digital activity could significantly enhance the customer experience, driving engagement, revenue and loyalty.

Part of the ‘Cultivating Relationships’ strand


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Leaders in Conversation: Best practice examples for setting realistic targets

In this panel discussion, senior leaders will share their organisations’ approaches to setting financial targets for sales and fundraising. Join a conversation with your peers and executive leadership that will focus on ways of working that facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and how to foster a joined up approach to setting realistic targets.

Part of the ‘The Bottom Line’ strand

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The Bottom Line: Powered by People

In a shifting cultural landscape from physical to digital, Rebecca Steen - Box Office Manager at Town Hall Symphony Hall - and Roddy Gauld - CEO at Bolton Octagon - share their stories of how they were persuaded to see the value of human beings as the best sources of customer insight and data for their organisation, and how their bottom line is ultimately driven by the power of people.

Part of the ‘The Bottom Line’ strand

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STRATEGIC SPEKTRIX: Enhancing Audience Loyalty with Data Driven Decisions

Audience members come and go… but how do we ensure they return year on year? In this session, we will explore the various metrics and techniques in Spektrix that you can use to identify audience personas at your organisation to facilitate strategic decision making targeted at securing audience loyalty.

Part of the ‘Leveraging Technology’ strand

Mental Health.jpg

Mental Health At Work - Building Best Practice

Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence. Addressing this and opening up conversations around mental ill health within your organisation is an essential first step to providing employees with support and guidance to bring them back to a healthy state. During this session, our speakers will provide guidance in taking an honest, practical and effective stance on mental health.

Part of the ‘Healthy Workplace’ strand


Ethics and Your FUNDRAISING - controversial?

In this session, Michelle Wright - founder and CEO of Cause4 - will offer expert advice on navigating the moral maze of corporate partnerships for organisations of all sizes, and provide a framework for establishing a robust ethical policy that your whole organisation (not just fundraisers) can own.

Part of the ‘The Bottom Line’ strand

LUNCHTIME: 1:00 - 2:15 PM

Grab yourself a bite to eat and head over to our lunchtime sessions which start at 1:30 PM.

Income Strategies.jpg

integrating income strategies to hit the bottom line

In commercial organisations, the mantra “turnover for vanity, profit for sanity” is well understood. Do our organisations think about leveraging income streams to maximise the contribution to the bottom line? Or are our income-generating strategies siloed, with individual departments focused on their own turnover targets? In this session we will explore the inter-relationship between the income that is generated from Admissions, Affiliation and through Ancillary sales, and look at how change in one area can impact income in another.

Part of the ‘The Bottom Line’ strand


it’s not you, it’s me

A talk about empathy. An explanation, via an illustrated talk, of ways to think about the world from outside the bubble of working within your arts organisation, and why that approach can benefit everyone in your organisation – including your ticket buyers, donors and artistic director.

Part of the ‘Healthy Workplace’ strand

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online fundraising: is the ‘support us’ page dead?

Almost every website has a ‘Support Us’ page, but no one is looking at it. Supercool benchmark data across the sites they have built, and the data shows that no one is looking at these pages. So how do you get potential and existing donors to make donations online? Using case studies from Town Hall Symphony Hall, Chichester Festival Theatre, MAC and Sheffield Theatres, we’ll look at how organisations are successfully raising funds online. We’ll look at how you can use storytelling and compelling images and messaging to encourage donations, and you can use Spektrix web components in flexible and smart ways to put the ask in the best places. We’ll also look why the website can’t do it alone - you need to involve everyone in the organisation!

Part of the ‘Leveraging Technology’ strand


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2:15 - 3:00 PM

Michael Nabarro, CEO and co-founder of Spektrix, welcomes delegates to the second half of the conference.



Coaching Conversations for Leaders

You don’t need sophisticated coaching skills to have coaching conversations with your team members. In this session Gabriela Gandolfini - an experienced Coach for Performance - will explain what coaching is and give you actual tools you can use to have coaching conversations.

Part of the ‘Healthy Workplace’ strand

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Delivering a Data Strategy: Harness the power of your data to develop audiences and build resilience

In this session, speakers from Arts Council England and successful cultural organisations will explore the growing landscape of audience data collection and segmentation in the arts sector. With so many tools, models and methods of analysis available - it’s more important than ever to implement good practice in data strategy to deliver value back to your organisation from the information you collect.

Part of the ‘Cultivating Relationships’ strand

How to retro.png

Continually Improving - How to retro

Members of Spektrix’s own engineering team will deliver an interactive workshop to help you understand the benefits of retros, and give you the tools to start retro-ing right away!

Part of the ‘Leveraging Technology’ strand

low level giving.jpg

STRATEGIC SPEKTRIX: low level giving - small change, big rewards

Sarah Frost, Client Insight Manager and co-author of the Spektrix Insights Report, will discuss how having a well thought through low level giving strategy can be a lucrative way to raise additional funds. Focusing on a holistic, cross-departmental approach using multiple tools across the Spektrix system and beyond, she’ll be sharing some best practice examples from other Spektrix users and practical hints and tips for getting the most out of your CRM system.

Part of the ‘Leveraging Technology’ strand

AMA session.png

inclusive teams - radical change and resilience

The AMA explores how a more inclusive organisational composition helps to create a more resilient organisation. Bea Udeh describes her work to diversify the AMA’s member rep network and its impact, and Deaf social entrepreneur and AMA board member, Jane Cordell, explains how the AMA has pursued inclusion in its Board.

Part of the ‘Cultivating Relationships’ strand

Conference wrap up.png

conference wrap up

4:15 - 4:30 PM

Before our unmissable closing keynote, we take a moment to pause and reflect on the sessions, connections and moments of inspiration we’ve shared throughout the day.


closing keynote

4:30 - 5:00 PM

Touretteshero’s Jess Thom will share how she led a change with Battersea Arts Centre to make the whole space and experience accessible to everyone, from booking tickets, arriving, right through to enjoying the shows.

Networking drinks.png

networking drinks

5:00 - 5:45 PM

Round off the day with informal drinks in the conference centre’s onsite bar, with peers, speakers and members of the Spektrix team around to chat, answer questions, and toast your future success.

6:00 PM onwards

In no rush to get home? Make your way to neighbouring bar, The Allegory, to continue the evening in the company of fellow arts industry professionals.