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A Ticketing Manager’s Guide to Spektrix Conference


by Paul McGuinness, Head of Account Management

Selling tickets is central to the Spektrix mission, so we’ve packed Spektrix Conference with breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and presentations that will help arts organisations to do just that! There will be opportunities to hear about Spektrix and how our tech is being developed with ticketing in mind, as well as several sessions aimed specifically at people like you, who work in ticketing every day:

Using Data to Influence People and Advocate for Change

Do you need to be able to influence upwards, downwards and side to side? This session will use real world examples to show you to how to get organisational buy in and make change.  

The Future of the Box Office
In this increasingly digital age, it’s important to think about how the box office is evolving. Come to this roundtable to share ideas about how to engage customers and provide them with the best possible service.

Consumer Psychology Workshop
Getting into the mind of the customer is a key to selling tickets! In this session, Debbie Richards will use practical case studies, examples from arts organisations around the world – and some fun interactive ‘games’ – to demonstrate how behavioral economics can help you.

Paul McGuinness