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A Fundraiser’s Guide to Spektrix Conference


by Liv Nilssen, Sector Strategy Lead

There’s a lot to explore for fundraisers at Spektrix Conference this year. All of our talks are designed great insight into leadership to all our users, but we recommend a few which you might find particularly interesting….

The Arts and the Deal - Negotiating for the Future

This session promises some great insight into negotiation. We’ll talk about building win-win corporate partnerships along with some lessons to learn from the for-profit sector.

A Revenue Revolution and a Culture Change

How can a focus on increasing both contributed and earned income together help teach us lessons in leadership and collaboration? Find out here.

Fundraisers' roundtable

Sometimes it’s helpful to swap ideas and concerns with fellow fundraisers from across the country. How are we tackling the challenges and opportunities in the sector? Do you have a question for the group?

And, of course, it’s a rare fundraiser who doesn’t like a good networking event! Join us for Networking Drinks to meet other fundraisers and organisational leaders from the over 170 venues represented.

Liv Nilssen