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A Director of Communications Guide to Spektrix Conference


by Brooke Gallagher, Senior Account Manager

Spektrix Conference is brimming with opportunities for you to gather ideas about brand and customer engagement, and to meet and learn from others in the cultural sector – and that’s before we even get to the networking drinks at the end of the day! Just a few of the many sessions I think you’ll find valuable are:

Using Data to Influence People and Advocate for Change

Exeter Phoenix and Bradford Theatres will share real world examples of using data to get organisational buy in and make change. Learn how to influence at every level of the business.

More Than a Website - Digital Journeys Panel

This panel will feature some of the sector's most innovative digital and design agencies sharing real world examples of the industry leading websites they have created.

Theatre is not a Fridge - Reflections on ‘Product-ing’ Theatre in Arts Marketing Practice

Do your brand and communications promote a performance or a product? Arts marketer, audience researcher and academic Emma McDowell will explore the tendency for theatre and performance to be treated like white goods, and what this might mean for audiences.

Brooke Gallagher