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Whether you’re behind the scenes or leading a company, understanding the relationships that bring the arts together is critical to success. Relationships between artists, colleagues, supporters and audience members form the unique pulse of every organisation - and like any relationship, it’s critical that we spend time listening to our visitors and appreciating the role they play in organisational success. I look forward to sharing some of our stories in November - and to cultivating new relationships with colleagues throughout the day.
— Brenna Hobson, National Theatre of Scotland

The 2019 Conference is built around four strands: Healthy Workplace, The Bottom Line, Leveraging Technology and Cultivating Relationships. We’ll explore each of these themes over the coming weeks, starting with the reason we all come together for conferences and networking events - the importance of cultivating relationships with partners, peers, and most importantly with audiences and donors.

The strand begins with our Opening Keynotes: three short, sharp and inspiring stories arts leaders about building and deepening resilience within their organisations. In this session, Brenna Hobson, Executive Producer and Deputy Chief Executive of National Theatre of Scotland talks about the relationships that have seen her travel from Australia to Glasgow in a career encompassing production, administration and executive leadership.

Key sessions in this strand include Data: Not Drowning but Waving with TRG Arts, who question how data can inform relationships with audiences and donors, and measure their loyalty to your organisation through six key metrics that can guide decision making, identify priorities and increase revenue.

Meanwhile in The Next Generation of Donors, Caroline McCormick of Achates Philanthropy and Dr Alison Body from the University of Kent’s Centre for Philanthropy ask how arts organisations can develop an approach to philanthropy that resonates with younger donors and turn today’s young ticket buyers into tomorrow’s most valuable supporters. They’re joined by young philanthropist Arthur Yang, who offers his own perspective and experience as a young arts supporter.

Ash Mann from Substrakt uses the Spektrix Insights Report as a starting point to map Excellent Customer Journeys, and considers how thoughtful customisation of the digital experience can ‘keep ‘em coming back’.

Later in the day, Arts Council England’s Director of Audience Insight and Innovation, Owen Hopkin, is joined by Rob Drummer of Boundless Theatre and Becky Loftus of the Royal Shakespeare Company for Delivering a Data Strategy: Harness the power of your data to develop audiences and build resilience. With so many tools, models and methods of analysis available, they help you negotiate the growing landscape of data segmentation and how best to deliver value from your data strategy.

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