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Meet the Conference Team - Alice Young


Meet Alice

Managing Director, UK
Believes change is something we can all own and all lead.
Wants to hear from you at Spektrix Conference!

What were you doing before Spektrix?

I’ve been at Spektrix officially for nearly 18 months but I’ve spent 10 of those months on Adoption Leave which is not a very normal way to start a new job - sometimes life gets in the way of tickets! I’m genuinely delighted to be back in the thick of it, and chomping at the bit to get to know more of our clients better and to get on with leading for change!

What’s an average day at Spektrix for you?

Every day I’m blown away by the passion, integrity, and ambition of my colleagues. It is very energising being in an environment where the desire to bring about positive change is the overriding driver of what everyone is busy doing. It makes a day with back to back meetings fun and productive and none of us can ask for much more than that, can we?.

Maintaining this drive when ‘to do’ lists get out of control or you’ve had a particularly hard day is made easy at Spektrix because of the inspirational clients we work with. Being in touch with the those organisations and getting under the skin of what they are grappling with, achieving, planning for is what keeps our mission at the core of what we do. For me it’s a simple equation: The more we listen and understand the more motivated we are;  the more motivated we are the better we are at our jobs and the more positive change we can bring about.

How did you get involved with Spektrix Conference 2018?

I can take very little credit for the brilliant conference you are about to be part of, I have simply supported the team from the sidelines but boy do you have a treat in store. The depth of thinking, discussion and care that the team and all the contributors have taken will, I have no doubt,  prove its worth on the day. What I think is most impressive about the planning is the focus on honesty: every speaker or presenter is briefed to share the lows and the learning, as well as the shiny highs. To me the sense of collaboration and “all in together” ness (to coin a phrase) that this will engender is especially exciting and something I hope we can help to continue to support across our blossoming client base.

What does leading for change mean to you?

We talk a lot about change at Spektrix, change in small and big ways both internally and for our clients. We want to be good at it, embrace it when it’s the right thing and minimise its impact when its a challenge or forced upon us. Easy to say, much more difficult to do. I used to say change was the only thing we could rely on as if it was just an inevitable chore that we needed to build resilience against, but more and more I believe change is something we can all own and all lead. Whatever level we are working at, I urge us all to make our mark and lead a positive change. I hope everyone attending on September 26th goes away with tangible tools and inspiration to either start doing that or to do  even more of it.

What are you most looking forward to at the 2018  Spektrix Conference?

I’m most looking forward to  putting a face to the many names I’ve heard about (all good of course). I want to do a lot of listening and understanding and to learn more about what challenges our clients face and what we can do to help. I want to attend as many of the sessions as possible and to witness the response so forgive  my dancing about. Please do come and make yourself known to me, think of me still in the honeymoon period of starting a new job where I’m all ears to every bit of information and every suggestion. I will soak it up.

What would your advice be for someone attending the conference for the first time?

There are going to be more first timers at this years conference than old timers, so it’s all to play for. The range of organisations that will be represented on the day is something very special - a wonderful opportunity to network, learn from others, start something new. Don’t hold back - get talking, build those collaborations and make your mark!

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