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Meet the Conference Team - Brooke Gallagher


Meet Brooke

Senior Account Manager
Brains behind Spektrix Conference programme
Mum to Charlie 🐾

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Spektrix
Hello! Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I've been working in the UK cultural sector for over a decade now and this has included a diverse range of roles from running temporary box offices at EdFringe to working with CRM systems at the National Theatre. I've recently joined Spektrix in the account management team, which means it's my job to spend time with our clients understanding their business to ensure they are getting the best out of Spektrix at all levels of the organisation. (Though some people know me as the dog mama that occasionally brings along the little tornado of black and tan fur that is Charlie into Spektrix HQ.) I'm also part of the team planning the conference, which puts me in a fantastic position to help curate sessions that our users will find useful and relevant with a dash of inspiring.

What’s an average day at Spektrix for you?
An average day at Spektrix for me is quite often not even at Spektrix! I'm regularly out and about meeting with clients - sometimes it's a tea and a chat about general organisational health, sometimes it's about longer term strategic projects and sometimes we're looking at how we can support an organisation grow its business through acting as an agent or collaborating with other local organisations. When I'm not focusing on individual client success, I'm working on the conference programme - supporting speakers, refining ideas and keeping an eye on the overall ebb and flow so that our delegates get the most out of the day. 

What does leading for change mean to you?
I've worked in arts organisations of all sizes and flavours and understand very well that taking people on a journey of change can be very challenging even for the most experienced and capable leaders. 

It's about understanding your organisation's history and traditions but not being bound by them. It's about being able to communicate your relevance and value in an increasingly digital world.  And importantly, it's about bringing your team along with you. (Happily, you will see sessions tackling exactly these topics when our full conference programme is released.)

What’s been your favourite/proudest/best (you can choose) moment of working on Spektrix Conference?
The willingness of the arts professionals that we work with to share their personal experiences (both positive and challenging) of leading for change in front of 600 of our closest friends.

What would your advice be for someone attending the conference for the first time?
Get a good night's sleep the night before - it's going to be a jam-packed day of practical and inspirational takeaways so make sure your brain is rested and raring to go.

Also, talk to anyone you can. Talk to the person in line next to you at the tea station. Talk to the person staring at their phone in the queue for the bathroom. Talk to your peers sitting around you in the breakout rooms. Excellent conference sessions aside, there is nothing more valuable than growing your network.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Spektrix Conference?
Meeting all of you of course! 

But apart from that, I'm really interested in hearing from Claire Murray (of Sheffield Theatres fame) talking about the revenue revolution that she has led on and the change in leadership approach that was required to achieve this. TRG are co-presenting and have been a key partner working with them on pricing, memberships and fundraising - all the while maintaining the focus on the customer relationship. I think they will share some brave decisions and useful takeways during this session.

Follow Brooke at @teaandwords 

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