Spektrix Conference 2019

Mental Health At Work - Building Best Practice


12:15 - 1:00 PM

Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence. Addressing this and opening up conversations around mental ill health within your organisation is essential to providing employees with support and guidance to bring them back to a healthy state. During this session, our speakers will provide guidance in taking an honest, practical and effective stance on mental health. The session will discuss:

  • Taking a holistic approach to health, holding mental health with the same significance as physical

  • Ideas for implementing workplace mental health initiatives

  • Advice in establishing guidelines to comply with policies and legal requirements 

  • Communication skills and advice to facilitate dialogue around mental health and illness in the workplace

We would like the session to be practical and full of takeaways you can begin to implement within your own organisations. Mental illness and dealing with well-being isn’t always straightforward so our speakers will be highlighting the difficulties around these conversations and encouraging you to explore what might work for your organisation. 


Healthy Workplace