Spektrix Conference 2019

Excellent Customer Journeys - Keep 'Em Coming Back


11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Cultural organisations need to deepen the relationships they have with their audiences; from a purely commercial perspective it is much cheaper to get someone who is already a customer to come back, yet the Spektrix Insights report shows that many organisations are not quite succeeding with this.

The total experience you offer plays a key part in how loyal your audiences are. The customer journey is not a series of isolated, disconnected interactions (even if it is being delivered by a series of disconnected departments), and to offer an excellent customer experience there needs to be thought, consistency and consideration given to how those interactions inter-relate and are delivered.

This session will look at how you map your customer journeys and how thoughtful customisation of aspects of your digital activity could significantly enhance the customer experience, driving engagement, revenue and loyalty. We will share tools and techniques that can be used to map your customer journeys, examples - large and small - in which this approach has been successful, and explore how custom web development has achieved significant improvements in customers’ experience.


Cultivating Relationships