Spektrix Conference 2019

Data: Not Drowning But Waving


11:15 AM- 12:00 PM

In a data-rich age it’s easy to get overwhelmed by masses of available figures and reports. In this sea of data, are you focusing on the metrics that really count, or being distracted by measures that aren’t crucial to examining and monitoring your organisation’s financial stability and the loyalty of your patrons? Beyond measuring ticket volume, revenue and capacity, there are a few simple metrics that are critical organisation-wide to understanding the reliance your organisation has on your patrons. How loyal are your patrons, really? Is loyalty growing in your organisation? Are their contributions to the bottom line across ticket buying, memberships, subscriptions and giving growing?

TRG Arts will share six key metrics that your organisation should be measuring. We’ll share examples and insights from arts and cultural organisations of all genres and sizes who have used these metrics to inform decision-making, confirm organisational priorities, and as a result have generated increased revenue and improved patron loyalty.


Cultivating relationships


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