Spektrix Conference 2019

Coaching Conversations for Leaders


3:15 - 4:00 PM

Do you fully understand what coaching is about?

Often leaders in our industry are expected to know it all and get it done when in reality very few of us are given opportunities or time for upskilling. Do you also feel that, whatever coaching really is, you can’t afford to spend hours having complex conversations with everyone? Our question to you is: can you afford NOT to coach? 

Is your business fully productive, everyone is motivated to do their jobs well and everyone is always striving to operate at their full potential? Are you confident in the sustainability of your work model?

You don’t need sophisticated coaching skills to have coaching conversations with your team members. In this session Gabriela Gandolfini - an experienced Coach for Performance, with a background in the cultural sector - will explain what coaching is and give you actual tools you can use to have coaching conversations. 

Don’t worry, no role play involved but we need your voluntary participation with examples.

At the end of the session we will ask you this question again: Can you afford NOT to coach? 


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