Spektrix Conference 2019



What is the Unconference?

This year we also have an additional Unconference strand running alongside the breakout sessions. An alternative to your standard conference breakout choices, the Unconference offers you the chance to curate your own conference experience; from participating in or instigating peer-led discussion and debate, booking an Ask Support slot (think speed dating for all your work-based woes), signing up for "health checks" with industry experts or going behind the green curtain with Live Coding from Spektrix Engineers, it's a different sort of conference experience that you’re in control of.

Essentially it covers these three things

  1. Live Coding (handled by the Engineering team - you don’t have to live code!)
  2. Ask Support (bookable drop in sessions to ask for help - like speed dating)
  3. Unconference discussions (informal discussions - like a speakers’ corner)

Why are we doing the Unconference?

As the Conference has grown it becomes harder to network and make the most of your time in a room full of other people like you. Sometimes, one of the best parts of any conference is those snatched conversations you have over a cup of coffee during the break. 

The Unconference creates a friendly, informal atmosphere with which to make meaningful connections with other delegates. Here at Spektrix we have many conversations and support requests which start with “Do you know of any other venues who are…”, “Who else is using…”, “Have you any general advice about…”. So we’re really keen to help you make those connections and share that knowledge with other Spektrix users, Spektrix staff and other industry professionals. 

How it works

The Unconference will take place in the middle of the day, from the first breakout, through lunch and into the second breakout and tea break. 

If you would like to start a discussion, simply book yourself into a slot to speak. You might want to talk about something you’ve done, pose a question to other delegates or simply be a little provocative and start a debate! You will also have the opportunity to book an Ask Support session with one of the Support team.

Two of our breakout sessions this year also incorporate an Unconference thread.

Morning Session - All Things Digital

Ever wonder how that venue you'd always admired got that great pop-up on their website? Now's your chance to find out how they did it! The Unconference taking place during this Breakout incorporates delegates from the Google Analytics session, so has a loose theme of all things digital, marketing and analytics. The space will be filled with web designers, digital marketing folk and Spektrix team members to answer all your digital and marketing queries. It's a great place to connect with other marketing types and industry professionals.

Afternoon Session - Fundraising

The Unconference taking place during this Breakout incorporates delegates from the Membership Benefits & HMRC session, so has a loose theme of all things fundraising. This is a great place to connect with other fundraisers and we’re really pleased to have a selection of associates from Achates Philanthropy available to facilitate discussions. Achates Philanthropy Associates will be answering questions on topics such as capital and major gifts, corporate, trust & foundation fundraising, prospect research and evaluation methods however, all fundraising questions are welcome.

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