Spektrix Conference 2019

A Revenue Revolution and a Culture Change

A Revenue Revolution and a Culture Change

3pm - 4pm

Rethinking your pricing model, approach to leadership and organisational culture might seem like too many challenges to take on simultaneously but that is exactly what Sheffield Theatres, led by Claire Murray, decided to do.
Co-presenting with Christina Hill of TRG Arts, Claire Murray, Communications & Fundraising Director at Sheffield Theatres, will talk about how and why they made these changes to pricing strategy and the other revenue generating areas fundamental to their journey, including memberships and fundraising. She will discuss long term sustainability and the customer relationships central to achieving this, as well as how this is been reflected in their leadership approach and organisational culture.

Key Takeaways

  • An insight into our approach to demand and dynamic pricing.

  • A perspective on leading organisational change.

  • An understanding of the impact of this change across the organisation's work.